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When can I schedule an elk hunt?

Trophy Mountain Ranch hunts are conducted from September to November, for our trophy bulls. However, exceptions can be made to accommodate early or late season hunts. Elk cow and bison harvests are conducted year round. Please call the Ranch for scheduling and further details.

What equipment do I need to bring on my hunt?

Required equipment that you need to bring with you should include: hunting rifle (270 calibers or greater), ammunition, hiking boots, hunting clothing suited for Colorado temperatures (which may fluctuate from 0 to 60 degrees during your hunt), and coolers if you are taking your elk meat home.  Optional (and recommend) additions include binoculars, range finder, camera, and sunglasses. Trophy Mountain Ranch provides all meals, drinks, fishing equipment, and lodge amenities, but you are welcome to bring anything else that will make your hunt and stay more enjoyable and comfortable

Are the elk at Trophy Mountain Ranch tame?

Absolutely not. Trophy Mountain Ranch prides itself on conducting a “fair chase” hunt on the property. The elk can move freely throughout the thousands of acres within the Ranch’s fence. We don’t hunt over feeders, our elk are not handled for month’s prior to the hunting season, and we strive to provide a wild experience for our clients.

Do I need to buy a Colorado hunting license to hunt elk at Trophy Mountain Ranch?

No. Trophy Mountain Ranch is classified as a private preserve. Our elk are wild, but confined to our Ranch boundaries. Therefore, no licenses are required.

How do I let you know what kind of elk I’m interested it?

Information about your trophy goals are discussed in detail prior to your hunt. There is no “up selling” at Trophy Mountain Ranch. Our guides work hard to put you on exactly the size bull you are after.

Do I need to process my elk after it is harvested?

Once your bull is down, and photos and congratulations have been had, our Ranch staff will quarter are animal and prepare your antlers and cape for transport. You may choose for a list of local, certified and trusted local processors and taxidermists, or take your meat and trophy home with you when you leave.

How long are the hunting packages?

Hunt packages are typically 4 days in length, with clients requested to arrive by noon on day one. The first afternoon will be dedicated to sighting in your rifle or bow, getting situated in the Ranch lodge or guest houses, and meeting and talking with your guide about Ranch layout, schedule, activities, and expectations. Hunting will begin at daylight of day two. Our goal is to provide you a high quality experience, from arrival to departure.

What if I finish my hunt early, what can I do?

Included in the price of your hunting package, is all the Colorado trophy fishing that you can handle. Our ponds at Trophy Mountain Ranch produce regular 5 pounder rainbows. You may also visit our sister property, Whistling Elk Ranch, and explore the ranch by horseback, take a photo safari of the numerous picturesque Colorado animals and landscapes at the Ranch, chase after more trophy trout, or just kick back and relax while enjoying our world class food and drink.